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5 things to know about the Eurostar between London St Pancras Int'l & Paris Gare du Nord

Eurostar tickets can be purchased 4 months in advance and become more expensive the closer you are to your travel date. I bought my tickets two months in advance from and paid as less as 29 GBP from London to Paris and 44.50 GBP from Paris to London! There is also a special price for youth under 24 years of age. Tickets can either be downloaded and printed at home from the Eurostar website or picked up at the railway station. In my case, since I had booked two passengers on one ticket, I was not able to print them at home and could only pick them up at the railway station. This meant arriving half an hour earlier to ensure I had enough time to pick them up!

2. Boarding at St Pancreas

The Eurostar between London and Paris runs between London St Pancras International and Paris Gare du Nord. Boarding at St Pancras involves scanning your tickets at the automated check-in gates, x-ray screening and passport control. Sometimes the queues are long which is why you need to ensure that you have enough time to check-in before boarding the train. My train's departure time was 8:31 a.m. and I did not have the slightest idea about the check-in process. I reached around 7:40 a.m. to pick up my tickets and meet my friend (who was traveling with me) for breakfast at the railway station. However, when we saw the long queues at the check-in gates, we had to sacrifice our breakfast and get in the queue to make it in time for our train! We eventually did get our breakfast-to-go - hot croissants with cheese and tomato with coffee, which we had in the train! I would give it atleast an hour before the train's departure time for picking up tickets and checking-in for the Eurostar.

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First Class on Virgin Trains East Coast from Inverness, Scotland to London Kings Cross

Scotland by rail is an experience to make and I strongly recommend traveling First Class on Virgin Trains East Coast from London to Scotland or back, to get the best out of your visit to the U.K. I traveled First Class from Inverness, which is a city on Scotland's northeast coast, to London King's Cross on Virgin Trains East Coast and had a journey to remember. From the moment I boarded the train in Inverness and till the time we arrived in London, a journey of almost 8 hours, I enjoyed every moment of the comfort and luxury the first class had to offer. The thing to do is to plan your journey in advance and get really cool deals on ticket prices - you will be surprised how little you have to pay for the extra first class comfort!

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Visiting Bicester Village, the shopping outlet near London, U.K.

It was my first Saturday in London when I casually mentioned my desire for a Burberry jacket to my cousin sister that set the course for the events of the day. In half an hour, like two excited children, we were on the road driving to Bicester Village-the designer shopping outlet near London! Somewhere during our drive to the Village, my cousin mentioned how lucky we were not to have husbands who would have otherwise dampened our spirits in making such a trip on my very first day in the U.K.--I couldn't agree more! Of course, this is a very personal thing and if you have a non-interfering husband who would without any fuss let you make such a trip on your first day in London and also sponsor it, you know you are the luckiest girl in the world....such husbands are a rare find and perhaps only occasionally bless the earth. :)

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