#Transiting through #Frankfurtairport:4 things to remember!

Watching outside the window as I land at Frankfurt airport. Image©gunjanvirk

Watching outside the window as I land at Frankfurt airport. Image©gunjanvirk

Transiting through Frankfurt airport, image©gunjanvirk

Transiting through Frankfurt airport, image©gunjanvirk

Hi, As a frequent flyer with Lufthansa, I usually transit through Frankfurt airport. Here are a few tips that might be of help to you if you ever fly through Frankfurt airport. 

1. Showers and more-the new Z terminal for flights to America:

For economy class passengers flying through Terminal Z, there are paid showers on the right just after crossing the duty-free Heinemann shop. A single shower costs approximately €6 and they give you towels and shampoo. The showers are clean and big and if you are in transit and waiting to get on another long-haul flight, a nice shower is really worth it!

Tip: There is usually a queue for the showers so make sure you get there as fast as you can and get your ticket!

For Star Alliance Business Class passengers, the Business Lounge is located before the prepaid showers and is an excellent place to hang-out before getting on your next flight. The showers are totally awesome and if you have time, you can treat yourself to a nice breakfast/lunch/dinner and some great coffee too-it helps to maintain equilibrium (:)) and keep awake especially if you want to catch up on movies in your next flight. 

2. Comparing Lufthansa (Star Alliance) Business lounges in Terminals B, C and Z: 

Incase your flight arrives in Terminal B and you have a flight to catch from Terminal C, my advise would be to use the Star Alliance Business Lounge in Terminal B. The Lufthansa Star Alliance Business Lounge in Terminal C has no showers (really?!!!!) and the last time I was there even the air-conditioning system was not working (no way!!!). Terminal C is a super long walk from Terminal B and incase you already walked to Terminal C, you really don't want to walk back and go through security twice just to use the showers or enjoy the lounge-even though I did that last time! Believe me, I still have sores on my feet from all the walking I did that day! 

Tip: Good walking shoes are always a great idea at airports.:) 

Like I said earlier, Terminal Z ofcourse has an excellent Business Lounge as it is also very new. 

3. On wheelchairs and passenger cars: 

Incase you cannot make the long walk from one terminal to the other, you can make a wheelchair request at the Business Lounge if you are flying Business or ask at the Information or Lufthansa service center for wheelchairs. Usually wheelchair requests need to be given at the time of booking the flight and if you can't walk a lot, it's really not such a bad idea to have one at the Frankfurt Airport!

4. On duty-free shopping:

Heinemann is a great duty free shop located at different terminals at Frankfurt Airport-I didn't see one at Terminal C which was very disappointing (infact there are hardly any duty-free shops at Terminal C)! If you sign up for the Heinemann card, you get a 20% discount on your highest priced purchase once a month! Besides, you get a €10 birthday gift every year which is not so bad! 

Tip: Since the Heinemann at Terminal Z is newer, I think they have more free samples to give incase you are purchasing make-up or skin-care products from them. In my experience, the Heinemann at other terminals are not as well stocked with give-away-free-samples as the one at Terminal Z. And only a lady will know how useful these samples are especially when one is traveling...and long distance!

Tip: The Star Alliance or Miles and More cards always come in handy for redeeming miles to shop or earning miles with your purchases.