Getting around in #Munich-5 things to do

German train time-tables. Image©gunjanvirk

German train time-tables. Image©gunjanvirk

Munich is very well connected through it's excellent public transport system (öffentliche Verkehrsmittel) called the MVV consisting of underground metros, trains, buses and trams. You don't need a car  to get around the city because in Munich you are never more than a few minutes away from an underground, bus or a tram stop. It is good to know that the S Bahn is the regional train service in Munich and the U Bahn is the underground metro. 

Here is a list of 5 things to do when you arrive in Munich-

1. Transport

Depending on the length of your stay, you can get yourself a single day ticket, a stripe-ticket (streifenkarten) or a week pass. The day ticket and the stripe-ticket need to be validated before getting into buses or trains to avoid heavy fines from surprise police checks! The city is divided into four circular zones called rings radiating outwards from the center and usually the first and the second ring cover most of the city. Incase you need to travel to a place that is not covered in your ticket or pass, you will need to purchase an additional ticket. You can buy your passes and tickets at the vending machines found at the U Bahn and the S Bahn stations and at many tram and bus stops or the newspaper kiosks (also found at underground and train stations). 

2. Maps and Apps:

Always carry a good city map with you called the Stadtplan in German, incase your GPS fails you! In addition to the city map, also have a map of the S Bahn and U Bahn connections-this one you are going to use a lot. You can also download the map on your phone from the App Store but definitely carry one in your bag-you never know when your phone battery runs out!

3. Learn basic German words and phrases to get by

I have always found people in Germany to be extremely helpful incase I loose my way but still it's good to know some useful German words and phrases like, 'Bitte, können Sie mir helfen?' (please, can you help me?) or 'entschuldigen Sie, bitte' (excuse me please). Once I was in Rosenheim where I purchased a book called 'German in 30 days' and it was a great book to help me get started with German! P.S.: Platform in German is called Gleis, pronounced as 'glayees'. :)

4. Walk and walk:

In Munich you will be walking everywhere so be sure to pack some good walking shoes with you. I like my super-comfortable Arche sandals and Geox shoes which I actually purchased in Munich. :)

5. Be prepared for the weather

Munich weather is very unpredictable and sometimes you may experience all four seasons in one day! Believe it or not, once I was in Munich in the month of May and it actually snowed! I still remember the day, it was 14th of May and the next day the temperatures rose to 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit)! So it is always good to have a small umbrella and a light jacket in your bag even if it is sunny outside! Munich is also affected by the warm Föhn winds coming from Italy which can cause headaches and migraines in some people. You may want to have some ready aspirin with you just incase...:) I prefer to carry my coffee in a thermos with me although in Munich you get coffee just about everywhere!! 

The S Bahn train station, Giessing, Munich. Image©gunjanvirk

The S Bahn train station, Giessing, Munich. Image©gunjanvirk