Brussels Midi to Paris Nord by Thalys

7th July, 2014, Park Hotel, Nancy, France. 

Dear Evelyn,

I just woke up and am now having a delicious cup of French #coffee. It's amazing how the taste and style of coffee differs from one country to the other. But still my favorite is #Feine Milde from Tchibo (@Tchibo_presse)-it's mild coffee and good for anyone who likes to drink coffee a lot and it tastes delicious. 

Now, getting back to my story from yesterday-the Thalys takes about 1hr and 25min from Brussels-Midi to Paris-Nord and one can book tickets directly on I really enjoyed the Thalys train experience and the comfort the First Class had to offer. I usually try to book my tickets so much in advance, that there is not much difference in the First Class and Second Class ticket prices. What I really like about the First Class is that there are less number of people, the seats are more comfortable, coffee is great and if I choose a silent compartment, it's wonderfully silent! And one can just dissolve oneself in the beauty of the passing landscape!

Anyway, when I found out that my phone was missing, a very kind Japanese tourist on the same coach let me use his phone to call a friend in Genk for help. Having spoken to my friend, I heaved a sigh of relief and relaxed comfortably in the nice cushiony seat. Half hour passed and I was dreamily looking out of the window at the picturesque landscape, wondering if I should take some photos.

From the train window. Image©gunjanvirk

From the train window. Image©gunjanvirk


I couldn't resist it any longer and hurriedly started taking pictures from my new Canon. Just at that moment I heard a voice from behind me say in French, "Ce fait beaucoup de bruit!", meaning, this is making a lot of noise! I had forgotten I was traveling in a silent compartment and apologetically packed the camera away. 

Oh oh, room service is here-will write more later! 

cheers, g