From Paris-Nord to Paris Est, a day to remember!

7th July, 2014, Park Hotel, Nancy, France.

Hello dear Evelyn,

Here is more from the trip.

Finally I arrived in #Paris-Nord where I had to get a connecting train for #Nancy and didn't have much time for the change. Imagine my dilemma when I realized that the connecting train was going to depart from #Paris-Est which is a good 15 minute walk from Paris-Nord! The distance is so short that it is not worth taking the metro. I did have the option of taking a later train but my friends were waiting for me in Nancy and we had lots planned for the day! And it didn't hit me to take a cab either! So I walked as fast as I could wheeling my heavy #Samsonite suitcase and my hand luggage through the streets of Paris amid French Fashion, Cafe Bars and pretty road-side Restaurants crowded with men and women either having breakfast or hurrying to work! It was quite a lovely sight and if I was not in such a rush, I would have really liked to sit down at one of the sophisticated nice restaurants in the open and enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning sun! Ah well, next time I will remember to have atleast two hours between trains departing from Paris-Nord and Paris-Est so I can enjoy my coffee and click some pictures:) In any case, one should plan to have atleast one hour to change trains between the two stations. 

The TGV, French high speed train. Image©gunjanvirk

The TGV, French high speed train. Image©gunjanvirk

I finally did make it-as soon as I boarded the train, it started to move; I quickly arranged the luggage and threw myself in the seat with my camera hanging on the side. Suddenly I found passengers looking at me because of the commotion I had made and I realized that I was in a silent compartment again!

P.S. The TGV is simply beautiful and the interiors have been designed by the French Designer Christian Lacroix. 

Style Tip: A pair of comfort but stylish #shoes from @thewalkingco (, a leather cross body #bag from .@Coach (, the .@Chanel UV Essential Sunscreen and .@Prada sunglasses. :)