Thanksgiving Day: a celebration of gratitude

Photo by mythja/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by mythja/iStock / Getty Images
There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.
— Albert Einstein

This Thanksgiving I want to remember and be grateful to the Universe for the love of my family, for my beautiful friends and for all those little incidents that have so blessed my life, that I can honestly quote 'I don't believe in miracles, I live by them!'

In this post, I want to share some of the wonderful experiences that have happened to me, which make life blessed and full.

1. Shopping bags in London

Recently, when I was in London and returning by train from a shopping trip to the Bicester Village, the shopping outlet near London, I was understandably loaded with shopping bags and was finding it hard even to walk a few steps! The train from the Bicester Village arrives at the London Marylebone Station which is also a London underground complex. It was about 10:30p.m. and as I was walking towards the tube, suddenly a young man came up behind me and offered to carry my bags. My fingers were so grazed with the weight of the bags and the ankles so hurt, that I gladly accepted his kind offer! He then told me he was going to Earl's Court which was also the same station where I was going! We did not have any further conversation, but this kind man carried my bags for me till the hotel where I was staying at Earl's Court! I never found out his name since we didn't talk, but in my memory he shall always remain an angel that the Universe sent out that night to help me!

2. Ice cream at the Leaning Tower of Pisa

I remember when I was a student in Italy, I used to live on a very tight budget. My father was spending for my education and I did not want to overburden him by spending on unnecessary necessities! Once I entered an ice-cream shop in Pisa and as I was going through the price-list, I decided not to indulge in ice-cream that day. However, just when I was exiting the shop, a lady came to me and handed me some money, telling me that it was her birthday and she wanted to treat me to an ice-cream! I thanked her deeply and appreciating her kindness, ordered myself a huge ice-cream with three different flavors which I enjoyed for the next twenty minutes sitting in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa! I never asked the lady her name but in my memory I am grateful to her forever for fulfilling this silly desire of mine!

3. Checking - in at LAX, Los Angeles

As a frequent traveler, one of my greatest reassurances is in meeting a nice, kind gentleman at the check-in counter when I am flying - my bags are almost always overweight and a kind face with a sweet smile can immediately put me at ease! I remember once when I was flying from the U.S. to Frankfurt, one of my suitcases was badly overweight but seeing the pleasing countenance of the check-in officer at the airline check-in counter, I instantly felt a release from my anxiety and stress regarding the luggage weight problem. I asked for a possible upgrade with my airline miles even though I did not have enough points to allow such a thing! This kind man looked at me and smiled, and after consulting with his boss, actually gave me an upgrade! Till today, I have not forgotten him, as he gave me a memory to cherish and something to be grateful for!

4. The woman in black & Assisi train station

Once while I was going to Assisi (Italy) by train, it was late in the night and I missed the Assisi train station stop. I got down at the next station thinking that I would take the first train back to Assisi, but met with a rude shock! It was a tiny platform with only three people there - a drunken man screaming and speaking vulgar language with an equally drunk lady, and another lady dressed in black, seated a little further away. The railway time-tables told me that I had already missed the last train to Assisi and I suddenly became afraid of the situation I was in. Just at that moment, the lady in black approached me and told me that the last train to Assisi was ten minutes delayed and that I could wait with her. She was a strong and a big woman and helped me with my bags when the train came. At the Assisi train station she opened the heavy train exit-door for me and put my bags on the platform! I have never forgotten her kindness in helping me out that night!

5. Friends with a big heart

One of my close friends is so annoying that she never gets in a mood and seems to me to be eternally cheerful and full of energy! I have to say that I am not quite like her, that I do get in an occasional mood and I find it hard to be as cheerful and vibrant as her! However, even if am not feeling quite like her, she accepts me the way I am and continues to give me her love and friendship, even taking an occasional bad mood from me!

Another dear friend has the biggest heart and she actually once carried a suitcase for me from the U.S. all the way to India! I have never forgotten her kindness!

As I think about all the favours - big or small, that my friends have done for me, I am humbled and cannot be more grateful to the Universe for filling my life with such wonderful family and friends!