5 reasons why I stopped checking my Facebook the first thing on waking up in the morning

Photo by martin-dm/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by martin-dm/iStock / Getty Images

Almost everybody will agree how effective a tool Facebook is to reach out to people, connect with old friends as well as grow your business. However, if we don't use this tool with restrain, it can also become very addictive, and like any other addiction prove to be extremely detrimental to our happiness by killing our initiative and will-power.

With all the craziness that is happening in the world today, the first thing I have been doing on waking up these past few days, is to check my Facebook account. I remember a couple of years ago, a friend telling me how her life had changed and how happy she had become after she had stopped checking her Facebook the first thing in the mornings! I could not relate to what she was saying as I was not on Facebook back then, but I did give her a couple of condescending glances which meant that I was way above all of this! Then my blog happened and then Facebook to promote my blog, and even though for the first few months I did not check the news feed and only posted links to my blog posts on Facebook, very soon I too was addicted!

The last couple of weeks have been a nightmare waking up with Facebook and filling the little gaps of time I have had during the day with all kinds of social-media junk. However, yesterday I experienced a breakthrough - I decided to get my life back together and did not switch on my phone till about noon. Even though it was difficult at first, I got through the morning hours and by noon I started experiencing an ecstatic freedom and a higher kind of happiness that I now figure out, come only through practicing self-control!

I am listing here a few things as much as for the benefit of others as for me, that social-media addiction did to me so that they may serve me as a constant reminder not to start my day with Facebook and other social media!

1. It produces a low self-esteem

Checking my FB, social media and e-mail the first thing in the morning, causes me to start feeling guilty because deep down I know that that is not what I should be doing at that time. This feeling of guilt decreases my level of self-confidence which in turn challenges my decision-making faculties and produces within me a sense of low self-esteem. I honestly believe that this low self-esteem is reflected to others by the way I act and conduct myself and people may stop trusting me or taking me seriously. Sometimes this feeling of low self-esteem makes me want to avoid people completely turning me into a very unhealthy anti-social being. I am wondering now, if such a state (in extreme cases) can actually lead to mental disorders and depression?

2. It creates a fearful existence

Not being able to overcome my bad-habit, creates within me a real feeling of fear of not being able to accomplish all my noble ambitions and desires and eventually failing in life.

3. It makes me an emotional junkie

If I start my mornings with e-mail and social media, I may trigger emotions within me that blur my understanding and do not allow me to think clearly and decide rightly. The result is that I start living on reaction instead of action and I am no longer able to think and plan wisely about the various things I need to get done during the day. On the other hand, if I hadn't looked at my phone the first thing in the morning, I could have enjoyed some early morning solitude and from that solitude created a real action plan for the day and come up with solutions to problems that usually get drowned in the tumultuous sea of thoughts and feelings crowding the mind during the day.

4. It helps to avoid reality

If I check my FB the first thing in the morning, I find myself going back to it again and again throughout the day. It becomes a bad distraction especially when I might have a difficult decision to make or a project to think about. At such times, I find myself almost unconsciously reaching out for my phone and opening my Facebook, avoiding the reality of the situation.

5. It encourages procrastination

The more I am on social media, the less my brain works and the more I feel sapped of my will-power and enthusiasm for life. I am not able to think creatively anymore and as a result, I start procrastinating and postponing important projects. Getting on FB the first thing in the morning, the will is almost instantly destroyed as I waste so much precious time browsing through posts that don't add any value to my life. I am delayed for my morning exercise routine and then work, thus falling back in life.