10 signs you are on the right path in life

Photo by Kladyk/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Kladyk/iStock / Getty Images
If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.
— Bishop T.D. Jakes

It's usually not an easy thing to figure out what we really want to do in life and before we know we end up in jobs we hate or marry and have kids just because everybody else around us is doing the same thing. In the mad rush of life, our dreams are destroyed and we become unhappy and miserable ending up in places we'd rather not be. Of course, many times our choices in life are dictated by the need of the moment like paying the bills but this should not make us give up on our dreams. Through my own experiences and by studying the lives of some of the world's most successful people, I am convinced that if go on searching, the right opportunity will come to us; it cannot be otherwise. In the meantime, we can make a hobby of our passions and interests and dedicate some time every day to see it grow. Doing this will not only make us happier and more contented in life but also present to us undreamt of possibilities of where life can take us!

So how can you figure out what you are doing in life is the thing for you? I analyzed my own thoughts and feelings and came up with the following list of 10 signs to know if I am on the right path in life:

1. You feel that you are living your destiny. It is not a vague kind of a temporary feeling but a deep conviction arising from within yourself that is not prejudiced by your own thoughts and emotions. It is Truth-you just know that what you are doing right now is what you are supposed to be doing.

2. Whether you are working in an office or are a stay-at-home spouse, you are content and you don't feel jealous of what other people do. On the other hand, you use your time and energy to focus in developing your own abilities to do the best job you want to do. 

3. Even if results don't come immediately, you don't get discouraged but persevere and keep on making the effort.

4 On days when you don't feel inspired to work, you still show up--you lift at least one foot in the direction of success. It may not be your all-time-best effort but it is your best effort for that day. 

5. Because you love what you do, you never tire of working. You never look at the clock, in fact time does not exist in your consciousness. Your mind is so concentrated on what you are doing, it's like living in a third dimension beyond time and space.

6. You don't work for money. You work because it is your passion, it brings you happiness, it nourishes you and you thrive on it.

7. You wouldn't want to change places with anyone or in other words, you wouldn't want to swap your situation in life with anyone else!

8. Your work fills you with so much happiness that you start radiating love and joy to others. People may even start thinking that you are falling in love with someone!

9. You don't care about others' opinion about you. You take constructive criticism and ignore the rest. You finally start living your life without thinking, "what will they think?!".

10. Your work puts you in a higher state of consciousness and you want to share your achievements and happiness with others. Your work expands you.