5 simple things I do to practise mindfulness

Getty Image, Erikreis

Getty Image, Erikreis

Mindfulness is a state of being aware of the present moment, of one's feelings, thoughts and bodily sensations. The technological revolution of recent years instead of making our lives simpler, has sped things up so that they no longer have to be done today or tomorrow but yesterday! The result is increased levels of stress and a growing dissatisfaction in life arising from a blast of sensory stimuli caused by the television, internet and social media.

However, the good thing about the present-day technological rush is that it is turning more and more people to finding ways for stress reduction and to improve the quality of life. Google trends reveals a steady increase in interest in mindfulness and meditation worldwide in the past few years.

As a student of yoga and meditation for almost 16 years now, here are some of the things I do to practise mindfulness. However, please note that I am not a master of meditation or mindfulness, but just want to share with you, whatever little efforts I make in that direction to make my life richer and fuller.

1. Meditation

You can call it meditation or concentration or just sitting in silence, but taking time out for connecting with myself before I begin my day, has completely changed the quality of my life. Meditation puts me in touch with reality and not with something I may perceive (or want to perceive) as reality. This helps me to develop in understanding and gives me the right insight on situations and things.

2. Hatha Yoga

Practising hatha yoga postures also really helps me connect with real time. I believe in practising in a group with a good leader as a group reinforces my own efforts to stay motivated and inspired to get the best results.

3. Keeping the spine straight at all times

When I consciously take care of my posture by keeping my spine straight, not only do I feel alert and confident, but also concentrated in the moment and in control of my life. When my spine is straight, I am also able to solve problems better.

4. Deep breathing

Taking small breaks during the day to breathe deeply helps me refocus my energies on the present and to doing the things that need to be done. Many times, I also get new ideas for creative projects and solutions to problems I never thought before, during such breaks. Deep breathing in my experience, definitely helps to change the consciousness.

5. Detachment

By developing some degree of detachment to my thoughts, feelings and emotions, I become an observer of situations and circumstances which makes me mindfully aware of the now. Doing this helps not to get caught in the drama of life and to direct my life from the calm space of my inner self. I no longer get easily stressed about things and find it simpler to let go; and when I can't change a situation, to let things happen on their own. It's the single most important thing for my peace of mind!