10 key factors to achieving success in life, the story of success I learnt

Photo by BrianAJackson/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by BrianAJackson/iStock / Getty Images

Have you ever found yourself so burdened with work and to-do lists that inspite of all your efforts to succeed, you still feel that you haven't really accomplished much and are always running behind schedule? This has been my state of consciousness lately and upon analyzing my thoughts and actions, I came up with the following list of things that I am not doing right or need to change in my life for success to happen.

1. Self Analysis and Introspection

Being honest with oneself is a very important tool to succeed in anything. Sometimes when we really don't want to do a thing, we keep avoiding it till it becomes a huge burden on our minds and then we start complaining about not having enough time to finish it. If we are really serious about achieving our goals, we need to introspect and find out whether or not we are becoming mentally lazy or if we are getting into the success-retarding habit of procrastinating things.

2. Breaking the habit of laziness

A simple and effective technique that works for me to getting things done when I feel lazy and uninspired about not working, is to start doing something very small even if it is just wiping clean my bedside table. Slowly the negative mood begins to disappear and I start getting my energy and enthusiasm back to doing bigger things. Sometimes on days like this I surprise myself by achieving more than I usually do otherwise.

3. Never leave anything half-finished to start a new project

I have seen that whenever I leave a blogpost (article for my website) half-finished and start writing a new one, my mind is never settled and at ease. I feel burdened about not being able to meet my deadlines and don't feel that I am in control of my life. On the other hand, finishing what I have already started gives me a feeling of having achieved something which in turn makes me feel confident, relaxed and happy. I start enjoying life more because I feel I am in control.

4. Sticking to your to-do lists

Many times it happens, that I make to-do lists and then never go back to them or somewhere during the day I settle into a take-it-easy, no-hurry consciousness and become lax about achieving my goals. As a result, at the end of the day, I feel beaten up and less confident about materializing my dreams and living the life I want to live.

5. Prioritizing to-do lists

When we are making our to-do lists, it is important to prioritize tasks into urgent and important tasks. Urgent tasks can be anything from taking you dog to the vet or going super-market shopping, whereas important tasks are those that will help you realize your bigger goals in life. Dedicating at least some part of the day to doing important tasks that will have a long-term effect on materializing your dreams and ambitions, is very important to succeeding in life. It is also a condition for happiness.

6. Getting sufficient sleep at night

Getting enough sleep at night is a key ingredient to success. I have seen that whenever I have compromised on sleep and stayed up late catching up on work and to-do lists, I am not so energetic during the day. When I don't sleep enough, I am overcome with nausea, my appetite is affected, my brain takes more time to process information, I am less intuitive and my all-round efficiency decreases. As a result, I also become moody and irritable and overall an unhappy human being. Sleeping late also makes me miss my morning yoga class that I love so much which further adds to my unhappiness!

7. Cleaning your room

Orderly and well-kept surroundings play a very important role in determining the state of our minds. Postponing doing laundry, or cleaning a book-shelf or not making our beds the first thing in the morning, burdens the mind with a feeling that we are not in control of our lives! Through my own experience, I have learnt that just by dedicating 20 minutes everyday to cleaning my room, also clears away the junk from my mind and I can think and write better. I also feel more positive about achieving my goals.

8. Practising detachment

Being attached to doing those things that we like doing and avoiding those things that we don't like to do but which are still very important to our work, can put us tremendously behind schedule and eventually become a huge burden on our minds. We need to organize our work and to-do lists with a feeling of detachment so that we do those things first that need to be done and not just because we like doing them.

9. Learning to say no

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.
— Warren Buffet

If you really want your worthy dreams to materialize you have to go after them like a bulldog which also means to be able to say no to many things in life. This one may be hard to practise at first but if you are really loyal to your dreams, you will gradually start saying no to uselessly hanging out with people, stop going out for meaningless social outings, stop indulging in idol gossiping with friends or doing anything that is a time-waster and takes your attention away from your true goals in life. 

10. Rewarding yourself

Rewarding yourself a holiday, a weekend movie or even a shopping excursion on achieving your weekly or monthly targets is a great way to stay motivated to doing things and accomplishing at work. It works as a great incentive for me and drives me to get things done in time.