5 ways to help get over #addiction and my own struggle with #shopaholism

Photo by agencyby/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by agencyby/iStock / Getty Images

For those of you who have been following my fashion blog ever since I started this website, probably know of my struggle with shopaholism. In fact it was my love for clothes that made me want to start a fashion blog in the first place! Well, that was an year ago and so much has changed since then. Today I was reading something I had written in January last year and was surprised at what I had written. It was about my struggle with shopaholism and the different methods I was using to trick the mind to get over my shopping addiction. 

Here is something from what I had written and I am sure some of this stuff can be used to not only get over shopaholism but any other kind of addiction. 


1. Giving the mind alternatives

This morning on waking up, despite my good resolve not to do any online shopping again, the mind was literally tormented with the desire of ordering a new dress. However, I tried to stay calm and suggested a delicious cup of coffee with whipped cream, to the mind. The effect was instantaneous–the mind quietened and I almost felt rescued from my self-created misery! 

If you ever feel that you are getting addicted to something that is wrecking your peace, think of any other harmless addiction you may have that you can do and you will suddenly find a huge struggle within you cease! I trick my mind like that all the time! 

2. Reasoning with the mind

I started reasoning with the mind that addiction leads to loss of will power that leads to loss of clarity, understanding, wisdom, right judgement and intuition. Under such circumstances you may make wrong decisions in your life and go in the wrong direction, attracting the wrong people and wrong circumstances and bringing on yourself untold suffering. Whenever you are getting addicted to something always ask yourself if in the bigger picture it is worth it?  

3. Ignoring the desire

When reasoning with the mind does not work, I simply ignore the desire and not pay any attention to it, for whatever you focus on expands. It may sound very simple but it's very effective in getting over addiction. 

4. Postponing the desire  

Another very good way of tricking your mind is to postpone the desire. If I am burning to buy a new dress, I say to the mind that I will buy it tomorrow and then again tomorrow and in this way keep postponing the purchase. In most cases, I have found my desire for that particular object almost gone after a few days! It works for me and my credit card is saved from getting abused from impulsive purchases.  

5. Redirecting your creative energies  

I have also seen that if I am very busily involved in some project, I totally forget about shopping–it just doesn't exist in my consciousness anymore! So focusing your energies on doing something  creative and worthwhile can certainly help to get over addiction. As a general rule, the more time you will have to ideal away, the more you will get into bad habits. I say this out of experience–believe me, I totally understand, I've been there! 

To finish, I do believe in moderate indulgence in wholesome desires to live a happy and balanced life and not let desires control you.