3 simple ways of overcoming #nervousness caused by the #Iphone & #SocialMedia

Shutterstock.com. Copyright: FabrikaSimf

Shutterstock.com. Copyright: FabrikaSimf

I was reading somewhere that the nerves have two major functions--firstly, they help us to connect with the world, and secondly, when the energy in the nerves is reversed through meditation, they help us to connect with our higher Self. Nervousness simply put, is a condition of overstimulation of nerves, when the consciousness is too much tied to the body and its demands.

I must confess that the last months have been so filled with work and activity that I have gone through varying degrees of nervousness myself, and realizing that I cannot live like this, I have drawn up the following list of dos and donts to help me cope with such a state of frantic living! Probing deeply, I owe it to the cell-phone to accelerate this nervous condition and if you feel the same as me, you might really enjoy this post. It's not rocket science we are talking about here, but just a conscious change in our simple, everyday habits that can save us from completely freaking out!

1. Limiting time spent on Social Media

This one is most important for me! As a blogger, I need to be active on social media but if I am not very consciously checking myself, I can very easily spend hours on Instagram and Facebook, taking in all that crazy stuff going on out there in the world. And if what I am seeing on the internet is not exactly the best diet for my mind, the thoughts are affected negatively resulting in a disturbed state of consciousness that stimulates nervousness and anxiety.

I also discovered that just browsing through those hundreds of photos on Instagram can create desires in me that I didn't think existed, making me want what others have, not realizing that others may not really be happy possessing all those things! Somebody said that if you really start looking into the minds of other people, you would just want to be you and nobody else! Besides, what I really want in life has to come from within me and not in any way influenced by social media. Please understand that I am not against social media--it is infact a great way to reach out to others and it definitely makes us feel like we are all part of one big world-family, but it should not impact our goals and ambitions and passions in life.

2. Hitting the pause button to over-texting and phoning

Are you one of those very few people in the world (including me) who are in the habit of looking at their phones every five minutes for that something that is still missing in our lives? Believe me, I've been there or perhaps am still there and I have to say that I have classified it as one of the most annoying habits of mankind and I hate it! It makes me nervous, ties my consciousness to the world so that I operate from external stimuli rather than from directions of the soul. The good news as I have found out, is that that the world didn't change for me in five minutes; as a matter of fact, it did not even change for me in 5 days! To get over this habit, I have recently started going on regular cell phone fasts and this space between me and the world, helps me connect with my own self, to know myself better and it also increases my creativity and helps me perform better in my work.

Texting while driving or while stopping at red lights is another major nervousness syndrome mankind is experiencing at the moment and I can't say, I am not a part of it! It's all about this mad rush of getting to this place that I call Neverland that actually does not exist! This morning when I tried to text again amid traffic and red-lights, I just caught myself with what I was doing--instead of enjoying the beauty of the moment (such moments have alas become more and more infrequent in our fast-paced lives and man should savor in the 'nowness' of every such brief pause), the mind was hypnotically absorbed in the phone and the text message!

3. Avoiding cell phones and Facebook first thing in the morning!

I have seen how drastically the quality of my day changes when I don't look at my FB or Instagram or emails the first thing in the morning, and instead take that time to connect with my higher Self--I am calm, confident, cheerful and pleased with myself for having done the right thing. I am also more interiorised which better prepares me to face whatever challenges that may come up during the day. However, if by the power of habit, I look at my phone or go on social media and start answering messages the first thing on waking up, my mornings are nervous and confused, and I take that energy into the day's activities. Not good, huh?

I would love to hear from you on this topic and if you want to share your ideas and comments, you can post them in the Comments Section here below. :)