The 5 evils of procrastination and 5 ways to overcome them!

Photo by DNY59/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by DNY59/iStock / Getty Images

I actually wanted to name this post as, 'getting myself acquainted with the evils of procrastination and coming up with a list of tools to help me not to procrastinate' but this was too long a title and so I had to condense it to something that still conveyed more or less the same meaning. To begin with, I am not a self-help guru (no, far from that!) but I like to write such posts from time to time, as it gives me an opportunity to record my own thoughts and inspirations as life gives them to me and to go back to them when I don't feel motivated enough, sometimes even just to put one foot in front of the other! Believe it or not, despite all my work, I can spend several hours with a cup of coffee doing nothing and I totally love this 'idol' state of being, which is why this post is very important to me as my own bad-habit of procrastination puts me terribly behind schedule!

Actually, off late, I have to confess, I have been drinking a lot of coffee and spending precious hours browsing Wintersilks for pajamas in modal or Ralph Lauren for robes (I just love their sleepwear!) or just watching my favorite TV series on the internet, and even though it is alright to go wild once in a while, it doesn't make me feel so good and fills me with a certain kind of disgusting nausea that leaves me empty and sick-headed, that I almost want to throw up. Despite my good resolutions, I do fear succumbing to the power of habit to want to waste time so idly (not idoly!) again, and I daresay that the temptation is too strong to resist-however, the good thing is that my own torturous habit of delaying and postponing, has inspired me to write this post. Guess, one can always find something positive in whatever situation one finds oneself in life. Hopefully the next time I want to not do something out of laziness or simply because I don't want to do it even if it is important, I will refer to this blogpost to inspire myself to act, and trust that my friends who are with me reading this right now, will also benefit from it. 

5 evils of procrastination:

1. Break to progress

Procrastination is an addictive mental habit, a negative state of mind, that acts as a break to one's onward journey to progress. By not doing what we ought to do, when we ought to do it, one is not moving closer to the realization of his/her goals and fulfillment of desires. One may also miss worthwhile opportunities, as the indifferent state of mind may not allow one to see them. The mind simply is not in touch with reality. 

2. Reduces mental efficiency

Work becomes a great burden on the head and one stops enjoying what one does. Instead of using the mind to think creatively about work-ideas, one only wants to finish what was supposed to be have done yesterday or several days before! In other words, one stops giving his/her best and is not in a position to face new challenges that life has to offer. One may even loose one's power of discrimination and decision-making. 

3. Produces low self-esteem

One looses confidence in oneself and slips into a semi-mediocre state of existence resulting from postponing and delaying attitudes of the mind. The body-posture becomes sloppy and one looses one's success-magnetism. One simply cannot trust oneself anymore to get things accomplished. 

4. Creates self-misery and unhappiness

When one is not doing and achieving anymore, it's very easy for the mind to slip into negative, no-benefit, misery-producing disgruntled moods. Such moods makes one selfish and one may erroneously think that he/she is the center of the world and that the whole world revolves around him/her! One stops caring and reaching out to people and consequently may even miss out on beautiful relationships in life. For eg., my brother and his family were visiting this weekend but my mind was so burdened with all the things that I did not do during the week, that I could not be fully present with them, nor enjoy the company of my 5 year old nephew who is so much fun!

5. Creates fear

On days I have endlessly delayed doing things and let the mind become restless and lazy, I have had an uneasy fear of the unknown simply because I am not in control anymore. Also I figured that the mind is more emotional on such days and hence more vulnerable to suffering. 

To sum up, procrastination is a most undesirable dreadful mental habit and by allowing oneself to slip into this burdensome state of being, one can sufficiently erode his/her own happiness and take the joy out of one's life. 

Here is a list of things that may work to overcome procrastination:

1. Starting the day with exercise

Starting the day with exercise is a great way to charge oneself in the morning with enthusiasm and energy and will to work. One can even think of doing early morning group yoga or aerobic exercises-the group strengthens one's own individual efforts to succeed and the fixed timings of the group will ensure getting out of bed early in the morning!

2. Right company

Surrounding oneself with friends and people who inspire and aspire is a great way to break down old mental habits of procrastination and delay. The people we mix with have the power to influence our thoughts and thereby our lives so we must choose our company very carefully.

3. Scheduling one's life

Once one realizes how precious time is, one will want to make an effort to schedule one's life and not waste time anymore.

4. Cutting out the root thought

As soon as one is getting even the slightest first thought to take it easy and delay, one should cut it out and not let it take root in the consciousness!

5. Some practical stuff

I always benefit when I don't look at my phone every few minutes and I drink atleast one cup less of coffee during the day!