How I recieved #healing through a back-sprain

A lotus flower about to bloom, image©gunjanvirk

A lotus flower about to bloom, image©gunjanvirk

Some time ago, I sprained a muscle in the back, probably because of my swimming extra laps that confined me to the greatest inconvenience of life--to rest and take it easy! Any passionate swimmer will understand the tortures of not being able to get in the water for a considerable period of time, and furthermore the suspense of waiting and not knowing when this period will be over. I should understand that injuries of such a nature to sports-addicts must be most painful, for even though it may only be a back-sprain, such annoyances can totally upset one's state of mind and eventually the whole life.  

After the initial period of rest, I started feeling very uneasy and restless to get back in the pool; however, on consulting the physician, I was advised to avoid any form of exercise till I had a total recovery, which meant waiting for a few more days, but the days soon turned into a couple of weeks and by this time I was totally depressed! One morning as I lay in bed, angry and frustrated, I suddenly saw what I was doing to myself--BY DWELLING ON WHAT I COULDN'T CONTROL, I was letting my mind become more and more negative and it was affecting my whole life--the way I talked and behaved and my interactions with other people. I was becoming unhappy and moody (and people could feel it and nobody likes to be near a moody person!), which was a complete contrast to my usual cheerful personality and there was nobody else but myself who had the power to change the unhappy situation I had put myself in.

To begin with, through this experience, I learnt the following three lessons that helped me greatly to start becoming the kind of person I would like to be:

1. Acceptance

The first thing I did was that instead of resisting the situation, I accepted it (with faith and trust that everything should be fine) which instantly changed my consciousness--I suddenly felt liberated from all the suffering I was causing to myself. Through acceptance, I was able to see the light and analyze the options I had in front of me. 

2. Happiness is only an affirmation away!

I also realized that for the most, my happiness depended on externals--if I had something, I was happy and if this thing was taken away--I was unhappy! It was as simple as that! It hit me in the face so strong that I determined to make myself happy irrespective of anything external--the very nature of which is change. With this also came the realization that happiness is only an affirmation away and one could make oneself happy at will! 

3. Right attitude of the mind

Mind is like blotting paper and even in contrary circumstances, one should always suggest happy and positive thoughts to the mind--not only will the healing be faster but one may be able to grow in understanding through the experience. I had read this somewhere and was beginning to realize how important it is to nurture a healthy attitude of the mind. I saw how my own negative thoughts and attitudes were literally destroying me, pulling me downwards to a dead-end where there was nothing but darkness. But just by changing the thoughts, I was able to slowly change how I felt and the results exceeded my expectations. New avenues started opening up, and before long I was wholly engaged in creative and fun activities which totally made me forget my own sorrowful days!

The back had not completely healed and I had not started swimming again, but I felt so happy about this wonderful, new person I was becoming that I was almost grateful for this little inconvenience life had caused me. As another friend said to me that how important it is to not take anything for granted and to always practice gratitude in whatever situation one may find oneself. It is only then we can become truly and genuinely happy and perhaps that is the real and true meaning of happiness--something that satisfies us deep within and whose nature is more fixed than transitory.