Removing the #chollacactus from my #consciousness: 8 things I learnt!

Cactus in the Mojave desert, Image©gunjanvirk

Cactus in the Mojave desert, Image©gunjanvirk

Today I will forgive all those who ever offended me, and I will give my love to all thirsty hearts-both to those who love me and to those who do not love me.

Are you sure or are you just kidding me--like: forgive everybody and just like an it possible??!

In an idol moment, I had picked up a copy of Scientific Healing Affirmations by Paramahansa Yogananda, and on randomly opening the book, these words of Yogananda stared at me, perfectly addressing the need of the hour and showing me the way ahead. One can call it serendipity but I really do believe it was the Universe trying to reach out to me--did you ever feel the Universe reach out to you?:)--isn't it a very special feeling?:)

Getting back to my story, for a couple of weeks I had been experiencing negative emotions towards a friend who I thought had treated me wrongly and I was finding it difficult to renounce my negative thoughts and feelings--you see, I was using my mind but mind only complicates and reason doesn't work when mind is already in a state of flux, so I tried to do something that another friend had once suggested to me--to simply upgrade my consciousness!

I had been in the desert enjoying a special weekend with my friends when this happened, when I thought my friend had walked all over me leaving me feeling angry and hurt. On returning home I discovered the soles of my new Nike running shoes pierced with the thorns of a very special cholla cactus found in the desert, and as I started pulling them out, they pierced my fingers so bad that I had to literally use force to get them out! Believe me it's not a very pleasant feeling to have your hands covered with cacti thorns in the same way as it is no pleasant feeling to have your consciousness sticking out with the thorns of negative emotions. Why was I not letting go off them?! Human nature intrigues me!

Then, I read the above affirmation and I thought it was a joke--I mean, to forgive everybody who has ever offended me and just not this one person didn't make any sense but that was exactly what I needed to do. It was just not this one person who had hurt me but if I didn't change myself anyone had the power to make me unhappy! What misery! So I set myself on the path to upgrade my consciousness and after a period of meditation (mind talks less after meditation!) drew up the following list of things to help me in this endeavor. 

1. Count your blessings!

I think if we concentrate not on our angry and hurt feelings but on all the good that has been ours, the hurt feelings eventually disappear for what we think we attract and what we focus on expands. It is sometimes a good exercise to talk about all the good things that have happened to you with your close intimate friend and then in that blessed consciousness bring to your memory your negative feelings towards people who have hurt you--you might just feel ashamed for having felt that way...I did! When the Universe pours abundance into you, it's a good thing to share and it's not just about material things--it's about giving love and sympathy to others no matter how they behave. And if you feel that you haven't received in abundance from the Universe, it's still a good thing to practice love and sympathy towards others for in the process your own consciousness is changed and you are ready to receive abundance from the Universe. It works both ways..and I don't think it can happen any other way.

2. It's just not worth it!

There is so much in life to be grateful for that indulging in these negative feelings is just not worth it! They take up time, destroy our happiness and emotional well-being, are stumbling blocks on our path to success and make us go backward in life! Seriously, if I need to achieve all the big and small things I want to do in life, I need to stay more focused and in that concentrated, focused space, there is no room for negative feelings for anyone.  Life is too short anyway and I need to make the best of it!

3. Just like everybody!

Just try one day to like everybody-the feeling is so expanding and brings such freedom and makes you feel so nice about yourself, that you will want to do it the next day and the next and then make it a habit with you! It is a joyous state of being untroubled by the world!

4. Being compassionate always helps:)

Sometimes people may behave badly due to circumstances beyond their control like a bad childhood or a bad marriage or quarreling parents. I am sure everybody would like to be nice for that is what we truly are but sometimes if others can't demonstrate it, let us always try to see the bigger picture, be compassionate and forgive. 

5. Don't forget where you are coming from:)

It is so easy to forget how I may have offended people with my bad behavior but it is not easy to forget when others behave wrongly towards me! My best friend told me that many years ago I had refused to share a packet of cashews with her (really?!...was I that bad?????!) but she acted with wisdom and maturity and continued to give me her unconditional friendship and love which completely transformed me. If she had chosen to get offended and not speak to me, I would have not been the new person I am today. So let's always remember where we are coming from. 

6. We need to learn our lessons too!

Seriously, if we don't learn our lessons, they will keep coming back to us day after day wrecking our peace and slowing our progress so that we will never be able to graduate to higher (hmmm) levels of understanding-you know what I mean?! We need to move on from where we are till we are completely free of all the smallness within us. So let's make a start and forgive everybody who has ever offended us!! I am forgiving everybody right now!!!

7. I don't trust the senses no more!  

Senses are used to behaving in a certain way and this 'used to behaving in a certain way' is called habit. Whether a situation is right or wrong, the senses under the influence of habit always perceive situations in the way they have been used to perceiving but this may not be the actual truth!  

8. I have to stop enjoying victim consciousness!  

I am really wondering what is there to enjoy playing victim–is it really to enjoy seeking the attention of others?! When I think deeper about it, one has to be really lacking from within to enjoy seeking solace without! And probably that is what we are really unconsciously doing by being in this state. It really may not have anything to do with the reality of the situation and I think it sucks and it's time to get over such feelings and move on to where there is light and love.:)