10 definite ways to improve #creativity

Image:shutter stock.com, Copyright: balabolka

Image:shutter stock.com, Copyright: balabolka

When I was doing my #MastersinFashionDesign and Management at the #DomusAcademy in Milan, Italy, some of my clothing designs were selected for an exhibition called the Creactivity organized by COIN (a departmental store for fashion and decor) in Milan and Rome. These designs were a part of a design project we had done for Neil Barrett who started his career as the menswear designer at Gucci and later at Prada. 

How is it that some people are more creative than the others? Are they born creative or is creativity something that can be worked upon and developed? Whether one is a businessman or a housewife or in the arts, creativity is a key factor for success in all walks of life. All truly successful people have employed creative principles to move forward in their lives. Creativity goes down to something as mundane as being able to organize your closets in a creative way!

Here is a list of things I do to keep my mind creatively busy at all times–

1. Meditation

It is the first and foremost for me in my list. Meditation calms the heart and mind, stills the thought and brings emotions and feelings under control. When the debris of restlessness has settled, the mind can think clearly and intuitively allowing creativity to flow naturally. Isn't it true that the times we are least creative are the times when we are trying too hard?! At such times we should practice the ability of letting go of things externally and turning within for inspiration. 

2. Exercise

For decades doctors, scientists and researchers couldn't have emphasized more for the need of regular physical exercise such as swimming, running or brisk walking for boosting brain-power and developing physical and mental health. For myself, I feel most creative the days I have had a good workout; on other days I may feel more sloppy and find it difficult to think creatively. Exercise is a tried and tested prime ingredient for a happy and creative mind with it's transformatory power of uplifting even the dullest of mind-states. 

3. Posture

A good posture with a straight back, shoulders upright, chest out, stomach in and chin parallel to the ground ensures proper flow of blood to the brain and removes fuzziness from the mind. It also increases the power of intuition and makes us conscious, confident and creative beings. Exercise and good posture are interconnected and play a significant role in nourishing a happy and creative mind. 

4. Diet and Supplements

This is not a post to turn people vegetarian but ensuring that your diet consists of a good portion of veggies and green salads and in cases when the diet is not enough, adding a natural and preferably organic dietary supplement like the Vita Force from Dynamics of Nature or Sun Chlorella, is a great way to keep the body healthy and the mind creative. 

5. Regular Introspective Holidays

This one is my absolute favorite when I can go somewhere on my own to be by myself disconnected from the world and it's heavy sensory stimuli. Such introspective retreats help put life back in perspective and focus on those things that are truly important. They help us recharge our physical, mental and spiritual batteries nurturing creativity and helping us make positive changes in our lives. SRF has beautiful spiritual retreats located in at Encinitas, Pacific Palisades and Escondido (only for men) in California, Front Royal in Virginia, Armação in Brazil and Bermersbach in Germany.

6. Balanced Life

It is always difficult to cultivate the right balance in life but over a period of time and after experimenting with different kinds of routine, one can figure out what works best for oneself. What is the right 'balance' for me may not be the right balance for you; again balance can cover many different aspects of life from food to exercise to watching television to working, socializing and spending time with our family. A balanced individual is a happy individual and one who thinks creatively. 

7. Right Company

The kind of friends we keep and the people we mix with has a tremendous effect on our own life and personality. Having the right kind of friends that inspire us and help us to look objectively at our own character faults and idiosyncrasies so we can get rid of them and make progress in the right direction, is vital for development of mind and its creative faculties. 

8. Proper Channeling of Energies

Addiction to anything that can alter states of mind negatively like drinks and drugs, is a major impediment to progress and can destroy initiative and creative thinking. If it is a serious situation one may want to get professional help otherwise one can apply the formula of 'ignoring+delaying=overcoming' successfully in their lives!

9. The Power of Habit

I don't believe when people say that they feel most creative at a particular hour of the day or whether they are the 'evening or morning types'. Such thoughts are limiting and can impede our progress. We have to develop the mind in such a way that it can think creatively at all times. Practice makes perfect–if we go on trying everyday, ultimately we will be able to think creatively at will whenever we want and in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in. This is something worth trying-for a month initiate a creative activity just at the time when you think you are least creative be it writing or painting or composing a melody or thinking creatively about business. Initially it may be difficult but slowly the habit will start getting formed to think creatively and the mind will start responding. At the end of the month you will witness for yourself how the power of habit has changed a limiting thought pattern in you! 

10. Fake it till you make it!

This is a good one–if you think you are not creative, start faking that you are and before long you will start believing that you truly are creative! This is the power of affirmation–whatever thoughts we continually suggest to our mind, it starts accepting them and we start behaving accordingly! Try it! And always be enthusiastic, even if you don't feel like it, fake it! Enthusiasm opens up the channels of creativity clogged by inertia and mental laziness. 

I think all truly creative people are conscious and aware and live fully in the present moment. We have to grow on trying no matter how many times we fall. There is a German phrase, hinfallen, aufstehen, Krone richten, weitergehen! No matter how many times we fall, we pick ourselves up and keep on moving! And don't forget the coffee–it's a wonderful stimulant! ha...:)