There is always #hope-a small, true story

My potted plant now blooming. Image©gunjanvirk

My potted plant now blooming. Image©gunjanvirk

Faith is the substance for things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
— The Bible

My potted plants are almost dead: overcoming indifference and guilt

About three years ago, I had bought a couple of potted, indoor plants for the guest-rooms in our house, that I eventually failed to take care of, as I got busy with work and travel. Then one day I realized that 10 days had gone past and I had not watered them. Feeling very guilty about my indifferent attitude, I somehow gathered the courage to look at them. One had almost died with only the stem remaining and half a leaf sticking out in its last attempts to live, and the other one was turning all brown in color with only a few leaves still hanging on to life. I was quite upset with myself for having treated them this way but there was hardly anything I could do now to make them live again--or so I thought.

Struggling for life: persevering

In any case, I brought them out into the garden for some fresh air and oxygen and placing them at a conspicuous spot where I could see them and remember to water them everyday, I started tending to them. Besides watering, plants also need loving care and attention, so every now and then, I would stop by to greet them and give them my love. Then one day I had to travel for a few months and handed the responsibility of looking after them to my gardener. Honestly, their condition looked quiet hopeless to me and I wondered if they had any chances at all of survival.

My Sabbatical: a time for introspection

I had a beautiful trip--it was a sabbatical I had been planning for a few years now, and it turned out to be the perfect pause that life could offer--I felt rejuvenated and refreshed and was filled with new energy and enthusiasm to work towards achieving my dreams and goals.

Back in real-time: loosing perspective

Back to the world, I soon got sucked in to the daily demands and everyday pressures of material life, that after a while my enthusiasm began to fade and when I was going through a particularly tough period feeling discouraged and demotivated about some of the work projects and life in general, I found it difficult literally to put one foot in front of the other.

My plants are well again!: bouncing back with hope!

It was at this time that one day I was walking in my garden and happened to pass by the potted plants whose life I had so hopelessly tried to save. I was literally stopped in my tracks at what I saw!--a miracle had taken place--one of the plants had totally recovered and was growing big leaves and the other that had previously almost completely died, also had new leaves from just the one stem that had remained.

As I was staring at them in utter disbelief, I heard a voice within me say, "look there is always hope!".

Lesson learnt: there is always hope!

If these plants could start living again even when my mind had suggested otherwise, then anything in life is possible! Our negative thoughts are our own creation and have no correspondence to truth or reality, whatsoever.

It was a great lesson for me in positive thinking and keeping the mind encouraged even in contrary circumstances. As long as there is hope there is no difficulty too great and no challenge too formidable that we cannot overcome! We should never give in to negative thinking or become pessimistic in life but on the other hand always train the mind to hope for the highest and the best.....because if those plants could live, then I am convinced that there is always hope.

The potted plant that had almost died makes a miraculous recovery! Image©gunjanvirk

The potted plant that had almost died makes a miraculous recovery! Image©gunjanvirk