I hate attachments-on loosing my Bose noise cancellation headphones!

Photo by Illya Vinogradov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Illya Vinogradov/iStock / Getty Images


Holding on to gravity, will only keep you down; 

let the light in all it's grace, be my only crown.

Holding on to gravity, will only make you fall; 

lift me up on eagle's wings, lift me up to soar....

I will be free....

This beautiful song was written and composed by my super-talented friend Katherine Norris, a singer, songwriter and composer, for a Hollywood musical. As I was listening to it today, the irony of the words was not lost on me! 

Less than three months ago, after a wait of atleast three or four years, I had gifted myself the Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Noice Cancellation Headphones that I bought duty-free at Frankfurt airport for  €269. I had actually bought the original QC 15 two years ago and even though I wanted to keep them so much, the philanthropic tendencies in me gave way and I gifted them to a friend who lives in a very noisy street of L.A, buzzing with ambulance sirens and fire-truck alarms. Then last year, after having saved money from a holiday, I thought to purchase them on a long-haul flight—but guess what, I was €5 short and my credit card didn't work! So I withdrew money from the ATM at the transit airport and then guess what happened—in the next flight, the flight attendants had actually forgotten to get the code for opening the in-flight duty free shopping cart, depriving the passengers of last minute in-flight shopping and me of my headphones!  I just had to laugh and thought there was something mysterious going on and that the Universe was sort of conspiring against my buying the headphones! So you can imagine my joy and exhilaration when I actually bought them—It was a magical moment for me that I had lived in my dreams for a few years and my attachment was great—! Can anyone be so attached to material things?:) 

Anyway, from the moment I had them in my hand, I fell in love with them—they were my constant companion—I would just have to turn them on and the noise of the world would receed leaving me alone in my own sweet world of day-dreaming. When I had them on, I could barely make out what others were talking and it was like somebody had just cut out the sound, especially when I was watching a movie or listening to music! I felt so proud of being able to distance myself from the world with all its clutter and chaos and its varied characters and stage-actors. Then if somebody wanted to talk to me, I would very condescendingly turn the headphones off and hearing out the other person would put them back on and dissolve in my fairy-tale world! Watching movies had never been so much fun before and it soon became my favorite hobby to browse through films in the iTunes Store for downloading on the iPad. 

Too soon I was addicted and before I knew my whole life turned upside down. I have always believed in the principle of moderate indulgence in wholesome desires to enjoy life, but this time all my good resolutions and noble thoughts on moderation seemed to crash swiftly on the banks of my strong addiction to watching movies with the headphones that I actually sat through a TV series for 17 hours straight from 2pm on a Sunday afternoon to 7am the next Monday morning! The series was not even so great and left me completely unhappy and depressed for several days! This was the time when I realized I needed to do something about my desultory state of existence and I decided to go on a spiritual holiday, and taking the headphones with me, still managed to watch another movie in the one hour flight—wow!! My pride disintegrated into low self esteem born out of not being able to conquer my bad-habits, but it taught me a great lesson in humility for which I am grateful! One, never judge others and secondly life  in itself is like a TV series, which is played out in phases, each phase accompanied with different actors, a different script and a different-something to learn--I named this phase of my life as the 'headphones-phase'! :)

So back to the headphones!—a few days after I had been on my holiday, I wanted to use them to block off noise coming into my hotel room from a pool-side party below when I discovered they were missing:(. I searched and searched but couldn't find them anywhere. At last realizing that they were lost, it felt like somebody had thrust a sword in my heart and I experienced a heart-break that only jilted lovers would know about! For a fraction of a moment and it did seem like a very long moment, I lost all interest in life and not being able to get over the loss, I texted my friend Markus all the way in Germany, in a desperate attempt to seek solace for the broken heart. He thought it was impossible for me to be so attached to something so non-serious in life and trying to be nice, wished me best of luck so I could make some more money to buy them again! He did remark something on attachments being tricky and that was all the consolation a broken heart could get! So much for man and the unconvincing reason in him!

I am not sure if I should get them again or just wait this time for the Universe to give them to me and not go against a Higher Will that I sense is in operation here, and maybe I will remember my friend Katherine's song on gravity pulling us down, before I get attached a second time again or for that matter before I get attached to anything again! 

P.S.: There is nothing in the world as these Bose headphones, and attachment or no-attachments, i am getting my new pair soon!!!