My battle with the bulge and how doing these 5 things help me to keep my weight down

Photo by belchonock/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by belchonock/iStock / Getty Images

As a child and through most part of my teens, I had always been on the heavier side and my dress code was usually an oversized shirt stolen from my elder brother's wardrobe (six years older than me) matched with a pair of old jeans or an A-line skirt, anything to hide the fat and make me look tolerably pleasing! However, behind all those loose fitting clothes, I would spend my free time going through the pages of Vogue magazine looking at fashion models and drawing sketches of fashion figures that I dreamt one day of becoming myself. :)

Then came boys and the humiliation of not being asked out on a date till I was way into my teens. I remember the guy I used to have a crush on, told me one day to walk slowly lest the weight of my body break the earth I was walking on! Thinking back I can't imagine how my poor 15 year old heart dealt with such mental abuse (for heaven's sake I call it abuse!) but I determined in my mind that one day I would possess the best body anybody could ever have!

It has taken me several years of living a disciplined and balanced life to achieve my present weight 'status' and all I can say is that the fight and the struggle of not eating just that one piece of cream-cheese cake has been well worth it! I remember the day I was able to wear a cropped top with skinny jeans and not look fat, I thought the sun had risen from another direction!

Here are some of the things that helped me to loose weight and still help me to keep my weight in check.

1. Choosing the right kind of exercise

I went to the gym for many years and when I was not gymming, I was running. However, despite all my hard work in the gym, I never got down to a size 2, not even a size 4 or 6! Then one blessed day of my life, I drowned my head in the pool and it has been a few years now, my head never came out! I fell in love with swimming and for the first time understood why it was so important to enjoy exercising to get results. I hated going to the gym which is why I was never able to put my heart and soul into working-out and was never able to achieve the results I wanted. If spending time at the gym is painful for you, my advise would be to simply quit and try other forms of exercise before you find something you love and then you will see how your whole life changes with just doing this one thing right!

2. Boosting your protein intake

A few years ago, my friend from the pool introduced me to Warrior Protein, a completely natural and organic form of protein powder with many health benefits. I was also really impressed with what the box had to say on how the protein raised the body's metabolic rate and helped in achieving healthy weight loss. Later, I read an article by Dr. David Williams, one of the world's leading authorities on natural healing, who also recommends boosting your protein intake if you are trying to loose weight. Dr. Williams also recommends having protein every two hours in the form of nuts, avocado or cheese, to keep the body functioning at a high metabolic rate in order to get rid off those last 10 pounds!

Read my article on the Warrior Blend Protein Powder here.

3. Drinking Matcha Tea

Matcha is a stone-ground green tea, a traditional staple of Japan that is becoming very popular in the world these days for loosing weight and fighting cancer. Matcha is a potent anti-oxidant that boosts the metabolic rate of the body and helps in weight loss. In fact, I have been recommending my friends and family to drink at least one cup of matcha every day for keeping fit and healthy.

4. Good dinner habits

Having a light dinner before 8 p.m. has gone a long way in helping me loose weight and maintain it. I recommend to consult your health care practitioner or your nutritionist for making the right diet and nutrition plan for you.

5. Developing mind power

I remember talking to a friend once and complaining how despite all my efforts, I was still not getting rid of some of the stubborn fat on my body. She told me something very interesting that I needed to do. She said that I needed to change the genetic code (whatever that means!) of my body to get rid of that extra layer of fat and to effect such a change I needed to develop mind power. Thinking thin has been one of the biggest challenges for me in my struggle for weight loss but once your mind starts believing this, the body also starts reacting in the same way!