Why the Warrior Blend protein powder from Sunwarrior is so good: 5 things

My favorite Sunwarrior Protein Powder. Image©gunjanvirk

My favorite Sunwarrior Protein Powder. Image©gunjanvirk

First of all, why do I need protein?

I am a huge fan of Dr. David Williams who is one of the world's leading authorities on natural healing. In his blog article on protein, Dr. Williams talks about how protein besides helping the overweight to loose weight and the underweight to build muscle, also helps fight cancer, improves sleep and reduces anxiety and supports cardiovascular health.

I have been having the Warrior Blend Protein from Sunwarrior for almost two years now and I completely swear by it! Here are 5 reason why I like this particular brand-

1. Completely natural and organic

The Sunwarrior Classic Plus Organic Raw Plant Based Protein uses a blend of organic pea, organic brown rice, organic quinoa, organic chia seed and organic amaranth. The Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Raw Vegan Protein uses a protein blend of organic pea, organic hemp, organic whole ground coconut and organic goji berry.

2. Great pre and post workout drink

I usually have half a scoop in a glass of milk forty five minutes before I begin my workout. It helps me not to feel hungry during the workout session and gives me energy to sustain the workout. It is also a great post workout drink as it helps the muscles to recover; the guy at the health food shop told me to have it within half an hour after finishing my workout for best results.

3. Helps to loose weight and build muscle

It increases the metabolic rate for healthy weight loss and helps build muscle. I know this because it has helped me to keep my weight under control!

4. Great early morning drink as it keeps my stomach filled!

I usually wait to have breakfast till after my morning yoga and meditation (and sometimes even after a swim!), which is why this makes a great pre-breakfast drink for me. It gives me a feeling of satiety and I can easily survive a couple of hours without feeling hungry. :)

5. Tastes delicious

In the beginning you may find the taste a bit chalky, but once you get used to it, you can't do without it! I have been having it for two years (I usually take the vanilla flavor) and just writing this post is making my mouth melt! Warning: I have only half a scoop mixed in milk because one full scoop makes me feel like throwing up; you need to adjust the servings according to your own body requirements.

How do I drink it?

I mix half a scoop in a glass of milk, my friend mixes in water but you can also add it to your favorite smoothies!

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Powder tastes great with milk. Image©gunjanvirk

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Powder tastes great with milk. Image©gunjanvirk

Where do I shop?

1. Sunwarrior.com

2. VItacost.com

3. Amazon.com

4. Biovea.com