Fighting #cancer with #Essiactea

Beautiful Home tea mug. Image©gunjanvirk

Beautiful Home tea mug. Image©gunjanvirk

On my recent visit to the United States, I met an old friend who had been treated for cancer more than 10 years ago. Well in his eighties now, he is a picture of good health radiating love and happiness. After talking about other things, he revealed to me about Essiac tea, his secret weapon that has helped him to fight cancer. He gave me a little history on Essiac tea and how it was developed by a Canadian nurse Rene Caisse who after having problems with the government had to eventually shut down her cancer clinic. The nurse died in 1978 but her remedy apparently still works and has helped many. My friend who had been detected with prostrate cancer underwent radiation for two weeks. Then he started having the Essiac tea and the cancer never came back. However, during a very busy period of his life, he forgot to drink this tea when the cancer came back but as soon as he started having it again, his levels were normal again. Now the doctor tells him he has another 17 years to live-looking at him I would say he would go well into his hundreds!

I got very excited and researched the Essiac tea on the net and found a lot of information on google search and also websites that tell you how to make the tea at home. As my friend Nicola from Germany referred to it as an Entdeckung, the German word for discovery, if it really truly works it sure is an Entdeckung-something worth investigating! 

My Canadian friend also sent me a link where you can buy the original Essiac tea which is made in Canada-however the website does not allow me to post an affiliate link here so whoever is interested, please e-mail me and I will send you the link. 

Three cheers to good health and a life blessed with love, peace and happiness. :)