6 creative ways of organizing closets

Image:shutterstock.com, Copyright: Everett Collection

Image:shutterstock.com, Copyright: Everett Collection

It is always a task to organize cupboards and closets and pretty soon they become cramped and messy again. Remember in my last post I had mentioned how creativity can be important in something as mundane as organizing your closet-space; well, a friend of mine who is very successful in both her professional and personal lives, practises this. I call her the creative conscious thinker and after exchanging notes, we realized that we were doing the same things to keep our closets uncluttered and mess-free! Here is the list–

1. Divide is the rule

Divide the cupboard shelves according to use. Top and bottom shelves that are hard to get to can be used for clothes and items that are not used. Middle shelves are for those clothes and things appropriate for the season and that you will be needing regularly. 

2. Use Vacuum bags

Stack the items for the top and bottom shelves in vacuum bags. Be sure they are laundered or dry-cleaned before you put them away in the bags. Neatly storing the clothes in vacuum bags helps save space, keep clothes clean and your own mind-space uncluttered. I got vacuum bags from Von Haus and they work great! 

3. No need of storing clothes in suitcases

I like to have my suitcases always available for use incase I have to suddenly travel somewhere. Besides if I have things stored in suitcases, I may forget what I have and end up buying duplicates. Also it's a good idea to be able to see everything I have as it keeps my shopping under control and things don't go unused for a long time.  P.S.: Incase you must store clothes in suitcases, use vacuum bags still, to prevent moisture from damaging your clothes and store in a cool, dry place; avoid garages as they tend to get damp. 

4. Moisture absorbents and dehumidifiers

The use of moisture absorbents and dehumidifiers becomes essential especially in rainy or humid weather. I simply hang the absorbent in the closet and it works like magic absorbing all the moisture away and protecting the clothes. Also use odor and moisture blasters for shoes. 

5. Organize hanging space

My friend makes it a practice to divide the hanging space between outfits she has worn and can wear again before they go in the laundry, from the outfits that are still to be worn. She simply hangs what she has worn in the opposite direction to what she has not worn at all so the two sections face each other. It is also a great way to really know your wardrobe well–what you really like to wear and what you don't! 

6. Give away what you don't wear

Go through your wardrobe once a year and if there are pieces you haven't worn in one year, give them away, bring them to a Goodwill Store or just have a garage sale. Chances are that you may not wear these pieces again and they are occupying precious wardrobe space. It is actually a liberating feeling for me to let go off my old stuff and still more exhilarating when I give it to someone who can use something I don't need. :)