The law of #abundance is unfailing!

Money--Euros and Dollars, image©gunjanvirk

Money--Euros and Dollars, image©gunjanvirk

What is Abundance in the first place? The online Merriam-Webster dictionary gives three meanings of Abundance-an ample quantity, affluence or wealth and relative degree of plentifulness.

 Let us explore the three different meanings of abundance separately. 

1. An ample quantity: This is an interesting one. A deep thinker might start by asking the basic question 'an ample quantity of what?' Abundance by itself is usually used to describe positive states and so let us presume that an ample quantity here means an ample quantity of hope, happiness, joy and love. One can even say an ample quantity of wealth but wealth does not necessarily bring the positive states of hope, happiness, joy or love. This brings us to the second meaning of abundance–affluence or wealth. 

2. Affluence or wealth: It is true that wealth is a very important factor in life–everybody likes to have a comfortable life with all the necessities taken care of but abundance here in the context of 'affluence' or 'wealth' implies to have a lot of money. Then if abundance is a positive state of happiness and it also means to have a lot of money, then why are many rich people frustrated and even commit suicide? Let us now come to the last meaning of the word abundance according to the Webster dictionary-relative degrees of plentifulness. 

3. Relative degrees of plentifulness: This may sound confusing even to the deep thinker. Does this mean relative degrees of plentifulness in happiness or joy or love or even wealth? Or is there such a thing as 'relative degree'? Is it not true that we really cannot get enough of just about anything on earth whether it's joy or happiness or love or wealth? So if abundance is used to describe positive states, then we can easily conclude that there is no real positive state on earth because no positive states in the realm of matter can ever completely satisfy us. 

This brings us back to where we started–what is abundance in the first place?!

My friend who attends the SRF Hollywood Church in Los Angeles, California swears that she has found the true meaning of abundance and the true meaning of life! She literally says that for her the search is over! She is happy, peaceful, fulfilled, has a great job and money, meditates and helps others and feels inwardly complete and abundant! She probably beats all Webster dictionaries on finding and demonstrating the true meaning of abundance in her own life. The Law of Abundance for her is the Law of Happiness. Now if her story is true, does it really mean that this seemingly simple Law is probably one of the most significant laws affecting human existence? 

It is commonplace to hear about the laws of gravitation, the laws of motion, the laws of nature, universal laws and even laws of attraction but who stops to think of the Laws of Happiness and Abundance. These laws may be subtle but according to my friend, they have the power to design our destinies and shape our futures. This opens another interesting dimension to the Law of Abundance–is this law really then Newton's Law of Cause and Effect which simply means, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?

The Horn on Plenty Bank

There is something called the Horn of Plenty bank available at the SRF Church my friend attends and it is accompanied with a small booklet called the Law of Abundance that describes the working of this law and how one can get in tune with it for a fulfilled, happy life of inner and outer abundance. If this has worked for my friend, it can work for others too. Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet and many other famous and successful people have fully understood the workings of this law and manifested abundance in their lives. If it has worked for them, it should also work for others, aren't we all created equal? :)

So I got the Horn of Plenty Bank and this is what the little booklet says on the Law of Abundance: The Horn of Plenty Savings Plan will help you to manifest material and spiritual abundance through realization of your oneness with Spirit, the Universal Source of all life and all supply. There are some testimonials from Horn of Plenty Users at the end of the booklet and one of them says, "I've never been short of money since I received the bank; and not only money but everything else desirable is more plentiful...". 

Another excerpt from the booklet compares the Law of Abundance to the Law of Mathematics:

Like the law of mathematics, the law of supply always works and always produces the same results under the same conditions. But it has to be set in operation. Just as the law of mathematics does not of itself add or subtract or multiply, but works through man's intelligence or mind, so the law of supply does not of itself demonstrate abundance for you unless you cooperate with it by right thoughts and actions.  

The booklet then describes 5 tools for setting the Law of Abundance in operation.

1. Be Definite and Persistent

2. Right Thinking

3. Changing your Thought

4. Gratitude and Praise

5. Work to bring Right Results

The gist of the book is that a truly abundant and fulfilled life is a balanced life of spiritual, mental and material abundance and that each of these is interdependent and  deeply connected. With regular deposits in the Horn of Plenty Bank, by following the principles of the Law of Abundance and by using a part of our deposits to help others, we can bring happiness and abundance in our own lives. Wow! Looks to me as the true meaning of abundance. :)