On being British: 6 things I learnt about the Britishers

Even though I am a seasoned traveler and have stayed for long periods in Italy, Germany and the United States, I never really got to London till last year! I have heard from friends on London being one of the most vibrant cities in the world and I could not agree less. Wasn't it the famous English writer, Samuel Johnson who said in the year 1777, that when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford! I was a guest at my cousin's house in London for almost two months and while she was busy with her work, I had plenty of time and opportunity to discover London on my own and get to know the British. Leaving the house early, I would sometimes treat myself to a freshly cooked organic breakfast at Pret A Manger with my favorite soya cappuccino to go, and then head out to explore London.

10 Christmas gift ideas for women who love makeup, skincare & bodycare

1. Chanel Sublimage cream

The human skin has essentially three layers and the Chanel Sublimage penetrates all three layers, leaving the skin soft and smooth from within. I have been using this cream fro the past three years and can hardly live without it. Priced at US$ 400, you might consider it expensive, however, since it lasts a very long time (8-10 months), on an average it works out to $40 per month which I think is great for such a quality product. It is essentially anti-ageing and has regenerative effects on the skin. Catch my full post on Chanel here.

Life in Old Town Edinburgh when it rains

My first evening at Edinburgh, it started to rain heavily while I was stuck at the Starbucks Old Town Edinburgh, without an umbrella. However, what followed was the most delightful sight of passers-by in colorful clothes and umbrellas, as I watched them from the glass windows of the cafe. Here are some pictures from that evening that I took from inside the Starbucks Cafe, and as I was looking at them, I realized Scottish people love color!

Sixties London with photographer Dorothy Bohm

I was first introduced to Dorothy Bohm through my friend Joe Crosby, a building and design contractor, who was doing a restoration project at her daughter's home. Joe invited me to visit Dorothy's exhibition called the 'Sixties London', being held at the Jewish museum in London. Being interested in photography myself, I was immediately struck by Dorothy's work and how she was able to go beyond the ordinary and find meaning in the seemingly insignificant moments of life. Later I met Dorothy at her London home in Hampstead where she invited me to have tea with her.

Great garden design with Geeta Singh: a landscape designer and artist based in North India

It's an honor for me to introduce on my blog today, the very talented and accomplished landscape designer Geeta Singh, who designs gardens that make you feel at home and that you never want to leave. In her career spanning more than 25 years, Geeta has designed gardens for resorts and hotels, private homes and farmhouses. Using locally sourced material like pebbles and stones, as well as terracota pots and marble water fountains custom-made from craftspeople in Jaipur and Pokhran in Rajasthan, her work is a unique and rich blend of culture and heritage with a contemporary design that is stylish and sophisticated.

Design & Build your home in London with builder-designer, Joe Crosby

Simple, humble and unassuming you will instantly like Joe Crosby, director of Paragon, a north London based Design and Build Company. Joe started his career as a builder and designer in 1991, and over the years has developed several residential properties including new builds and refurbishments, mostly working in the Hampstead and Crouch End areas of North London. We recently caught up with Joe at his residence in Golder's Green where he spoke to us about his life as a building and design contractor, his current projects and tips on building your own house.

Why Scottish men are every woman's dream come true

Even though I was in Scotland only for a week and even though I only accidentally ran into Scottish men in my short trip there, judging by their friendliness and unprecedented good manners, I am convinced that they should be every woman's dream come true. Personally, I am way too old for this sort of a thing or perhaps a little too self-confident to be entrapped in the wonders of love, but any woman who still has faith in her childhood fantasies of a perfect love and is still single, should by all means move to Scotland to find her Prince Charming there.

How to eat a breakfast buffet: a post from my stay at the Mercure hotel, Inverness, Scotland

I was recently a guest at the Mercure Hotel in Inverness, Scotland where I got the inspiration to make this post. Navigating through a hotel breakfast buffet can indeed be a very daunting task especially if it is a high-end or a luxury hotel. On one hand you want to maximize your experience at the buffet by getting back more than your money's worth and on the other, you don't want to get run down by greed and overeat and ruin your holiday. However, keeping these few simple things in mind can save you from chasms of misery and make the whole affair a breeze.

This is what sleep deprivation did to me

Arianna Huffington, co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post and one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world today, in her book, 'The Sleep Revolution' discusses how sleep deprivation has a profound consequence on our health, our job performance, our relationships and our happiness. What is needed, she asserts is nothing short of a sleep revolution. Only by renewing our relationship with sleep, can we take back control of our lives. 


My battle with the bulge and how doing these 5 things help me to keep my weight down

As a child and through most part of my teens, I had always been on the heavier side and my dress code was usually an oversized shirt stolen from my elder brother's wardrobe (six years older than me) matched with a pair of old jeans or an A-line skirt, anything to hide the fat and make me look tolerably pleasing! However, behind all those loose fitting clothes, I would spend my free time going through the pages of Vogue magazine looking at fashion models and drawing sketches of fashion figures that I dreamt one day of becoming myself. :)

This Dynamics of Nature Vitaforce is the best vegan, gluten free, non GMO green food supplement for me!

I have been having the Dynamics of Nature Vitaforce for two years now and can truthfully say that it's one of the best whole food supplements for me. Made from nutrient dense superfoods, it comes in the form of a green powder that can be easily dissolved in your favorite drinks and smoothies, or mixed with yogurts or simply had with water. Even though my brother finds it difficult to get used to the taste, I find it absolutely delicious! Here is why you need to try this:


What I eat in Germany: my 5 most memorable meals from my trips to Germany!

When you think of Europe and when you think of food, I think the first country that comes to mind is France...and why not?!-from time immemorial, the French have been known for their culinary skills and I have to say that the last time I flew Air France, the food was just delicious! What I also discovered from my many visits to Germany is that they don't just eat potatoes all the time! Ok, it is a big part of their traditional diet but other than that I have eaten some of my most memorable meals in Germany; some of them I record here.

Here are 3 simple ways you can take care of your feet everyday!

The other day a friend asked me how I take care of my feet and this gave me the idea to share it with all of you here on my blog. Besides treating myself to a pedicure every now and then, I use L'Occitane foot cream, castor oil and foot scrubs to take care of my feet. Since I enjoy feet that are clean and soft and also smell nice, caring for my feet is an important part of my daily routine.

Why the Warrior Blend protein powder from Sunwarrior is so good: 5 things

First of all, why do I need protein? I am a huge fan of Dr. David Williams who is one of the world's leading authorities on natural healing. In his blog article on protein, Dr. Williams talks about how protein besides helping the overweight to loose weight and the underweight to build muscle, helps fight cancer, improves sleep and reduces anxiety as well as supports cardiovascular health.

My hotel checklist: what I take with me when I check into a hotel ?

Hi friends, this post is actually inspired from my stay at the 5 star Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown L.A. last year. I usually stay at the hotel once every year for a yoga conference, and room service kind of gets expensive with all the extra taxes one has to pay, so I try to bring with me atleast some snacks that can keep me going through the day even if I am not having a regular meal. One time a friend asked me to help her with what she should carry with her to the hotel, so I made up a list of things to share with all of you who would be interested in such a thing.

Eating breakfast in Italy--5 things I learnt!

Some of my best memories of Italy when I was living there as a student of fashion, more than fashion itself, are the smell of hot buttery croissants with marmalade and coffee. :) I remember standing outside McDonald's on cold winter mornings in my black ill-fitted, long coat and strange looking, fake-leather tan boots that I bought for Euro 20, waiting for my friend Fabio to give me a ride to the church, as the torturous smells of freshly made croissants trespassed my consciousness!

My friend's palatial home in Berlin is luxury beyond imagination!

A few years ago when I was traveling to Germany, I was a guest at my Indian friend's luxurious home located on the outskirts of Berlin. With two grand living rooms, three dining rooms, a huge spacious kitchen and large bedrooms, I felt more than fortunate to spend my first holiday in Berlin in such awe-inspiring surroundings. I also had at my disposal, my friend's chauffeur driven Mercedes that took me everywhere around town for the 7 days I was there. I felt like a fairy-tale princess amid such luxuries and...