A still from the movie Serendipity

A still from the movie Serendipity


What is more beautiful than you and your soulmate coming together through the mysterious workings of the Universe–imagine, knowing that the other person is there not because you like him or you have a crush on him but because the Universe has ordained you to be together–that your soulmate has been given to you by the Universe. Of course, I believe in the theory of soulmates but I also believe that one has to be very spiritually advanced to be able to attract one, and I am not sure I am quite there yet but I enjoyed the film very much even though I watched it on the in-flight entertainment of a long-haul flight--thank goodness for the Bose Noise Cancellations--they are a blessing on long-haul flights!

Anyway, back to the movie-it's superbly directed and it kept me attentive for the entire length of the film–there could have been an earthquake around me and I wouldn't have known what happened–I was so involved in the movie!  

John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale make an idle on-screen couple who eventually find each other through a series of events that one may call chance happenings or really destiny bringing them together! How sweet❤️ 

And to further validate the idea of serendipity, when I landed home after watching this film on my flight, I discovered my sister had also just watched it, almost at the same time as me!! Serendipity!