To Rome with Love

Movie poster  To Rome with Love

Movie poster To Rome with Love

Woody Allen is not only the director of To Rome with Love but also stars in this quirky comedy as Jerry, the father of Hayley, an American tourist, who comes to Rome for a holiday and falls in love with the son of a funeral director there, with still-to-be-discovered shower singing abilities that, thanks to the out-of-box thinking of Jerry, makes him an overnight superstar!

The film explores side by side the lives of Hayley; Antonio and Milli-a newly married couple who decide to move to Rome; Leopoldo who wakes up one morning to find himself become a national celebrity; and Jack, an American architect student who finds himself falling in love with his girlfriend's girlfriend!

It's a fun, no-serious-business film to watch when all you want to do is have a good laugh or like me, remember the good old days when you lived in Italy and spoke Italian! I enjoyed that the film was both in English and Italian (with English subtitles) and took me through a journey of Rome and Italy once again!