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A kimono sweater and blue jeans: styling for a cold summer evening

For some time now I have been crushing on my Jjill cashmere kimono sweater that I recently added to my wardrobe. I love this particular style of kimono sweaters from Jjill that come in a wide variety of fabrics from cotton to linen and cashmere and I have to confess that I have one in every fabric-type to suit the need of every season. Of course this one in grey cashmere is outstanding in color, quality, design and comfort and is fast becoming my wardrobe favorite.

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In love with @torybirch and @TalbotsOfficial

Some time ago I received an sms from a friend who had just been jilted in love saying, "I think it is so much nicer to have a relationship with your credit card and not with a man!'; ofcourse I understood that...So instead of indulgence in unwholesome relationships that bring nothing but pain and sorrow, don't you think it's better to go out and satisfy immediate cravings with a Tory Burch top or two?

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