@LOCCITANE: I wanna hold your hand :)

The L'Occitane hand cream set, image©gunjanvirk

The L'Occitane hand cream set, image©gunjanvirk

"Oh yeah I'll tell you something
I think you'll understand
When I say that something
I wanna hold your hand..."

Beatles - I Want To Hold Your Hand

The first time I heard the lyrics of this song was believe it or not on a Lufthansa flight many years ago and I totally flipped! It was sweet and innocent and brought a smile on your face and made the heart sing. :) 

Today I remembered the lyrics again. I was again on a Lufthansa flight when I bought a set of L'Occitane Hand and Nail creams as a gift for a dear friend. Well, if somebody has to hold your hand, it better be right and make you feel like a Cinderella sweetheart or like an Alice in Wonderland. :) And these creams make you feel just that...even if there is nobody to hold your hand!:) Available on Lufthansa duty-free in-flight shopping for €37, these made in France hand-creams come in a set of six in Shea Butter and its two fragrant editions in Rose and Pivoine Flora (qty: 1.oz). I wanna hold your hand.:)

Or go to loccitane.com for the online shop of your country. These are the only hand creams I have been using for a long time and are totally worth it!