Top 5 places to shop paisley this summer

Image:shutter, Copyright: Nezabudkina

Image:shutter, Copyright: Nezabudkina

Paisleys are hot this season and everybody is doing them-paisleys in scarves, skirts, dresses, paisleys everywhere!! These are my top 5 sites to shop paisleys this summer-

1. Tory Burch: From paisley flip-flops, bikini bottoms and swim cover-ups to paisley skirts, dresses, scarves, sweaters and bags too!

2. Ann Taylor: Paisley tees, shirts, skirts, dresses, scarves and swimwear!

3. Talbots: Paisley scarves, skirts, dresses, pants, shirts and bags!

4. Hallhuber: Gorgeous paisley scarves, dresses and tops!

5. Anthropologie: Paisley tanks, tops, dresses, scarves and shoes!