The Wndero of Chanel, Copyright: Picsfive, Copyright: Picsfive

LFIE SI A WNODREFLU THGIN: After being on this planet for some decades and going through a variety of experiences, one may come to the realization that 'Life is after all a Wonderful Thing' :) But still on a recent occasion, after camping for five nights and six days in the living room of an apartment located right on the busiest streets of a still busier city, this is how the mind sounded-LFIE SI A WNODREFLU THGIN and in that state no blog entry would have sounded right :(

So here It is, the wonder of life that sounds just right, the wonder that illumines and brings love and light, the wonder of #Chanel Illuminating Powder limited edition, perfect for wondrously illuminating, ceaselessly romantic, endless summer days :) Enjoy life :)