The @Gucci Guilty is perfect to beat the blues!

The Gucci Guilty travel set. Image©gunjanvirk

The Gucci Guilty travel set. Image©gunjanvirk

When I am feelin' blue, 

all I have to do,

is take a look at you,

then I'm not so blue....

This song from Phil Collins was running through my head as I was doing some post Christmas house-cleaning feeling a bit blue myself about Christmas getting over so fast and reflecting upon how fast life goes by. I had not traveled far in my reflections, when they were suddenly interrupted by my sister-in-law who knowing how I feel after Christmas, had saved this gift for me for the day after Christmas!--the Gucci Guilty travel set comprising of a shower gel, body cream and perfume that I fell in love with immediately! It was the perfect thing I needed to beat the blues and something that helped me get in the mood to plan my next travel in 2016. I just love the perfume-so utterly romantic, fills me with such a delight, I don't think it will last till my next travel though. :)