When casual is fun-the @Landsend #downvest

My landsend down vest, image©gunjanvirk.

My landsend down vest, image©gunjanvirk.

If there is anything that can take the humor out of a situation, it is bad internet connection-are we in the 21st century or what! Even though I am traveling in a small town in India where people don't seem to fuss about internet speeds, I was determined to send out this post today! So I'll keep it  brief and to the point-this down vest from Landsend is totally worth it, especially because I bought it on sale a few months ago and I paid only $21 for the vest as well as the full sleeve tee  to go under it!! Then I was lucky to get an equally discounted Jjill infinity scarf to match-wow!!

It's a great year-round vest which is also multifunctional and can be worn from the supermarket to the pool to an evening out with friends and everything in between! From America to India, this super-light down vest has been a great travel companion and I plan to invest in another one soon in one of this season's lovely colors:).

Tip: Landsend always has some great deals going on.... so keep checking.

P.S: It's not warm enough for freezing temperatures but absolutely perfect for California weather.