My top ten outfit posts from 2016

As 2016 is coming to an end, I wanted to review my best outfit posts for the year. I only started my blog last year never thinking that I would be posting my own pictures or modeling my own clothes. Initially, I was only posting links to online sales to help friends get the best deals. Then I started reviewing pieces from my own wardrobe. However, I did not feel very satisfied with that and started modeling my own clothes. I would wake up at 5 a.m. and go out in the front lawn of my house and take my own pictures with a tripod! Still, I did not have the confidence to show my face, so I would always cut out the face in my pictures! It was only after a friend insisted that I show my face, I tried it and got a good response. Then I went to London to learn how to do my own make-up for my blogposts at the London School of Beauty and Make-up. During my stay in London, I would be scanning the streets of London with my tripod, hunting for suitable locations where I could take my own pictures! Very soon I found a community of photographers in London who could travel with me and take my pictures. I realized how important it was to have good backgrounds to get good pictures but more than anything else, all my inmost desires for fashion and travel started getting satisfied!

A red Christmas coat from Zara in the heart of New Delhi

A very merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all my readers in India and friends across the globe! Last week I was in New Delhi and went shopping for a red coat to wear on Christmas. I found this beautiful coat that I bought from Zara with high neck and side pockets but could not wait till Christmas to wear it! These pictures are taken just the day after at Connaught Place where I was meeting a friend for coffee at Starbucks - just the perfect reason to wear this coat! After having it on for some time, I found that it was also quite warm! I styled it with a Michael Kors bag and black boots stolen from my sister's cupboard! The inner, a polo neck basic sweater, is also from Zara and I matched the navy color of the inner with the navy of the bag.

A black embroidered Karen Millen dress makes the perfect party outfit for the holidays!

I love my black Karen Millen dress! I love everything about it - the embroidery, the style, the cut and the fit! I recently wore it for a late afternoon high-tea at Coworth Park, the Dorchester Collection's luxury hotel and spa, located near London (check out my high tea post here!). After spending a couple of hours drinking tea in the hotel's elegant and richly decorated dining room, my friend and I wandered about the gardens feeling blessed and happy to be there that day!

My high tea dress at Coworth Park, Dorchester Collection's luxury country house hotel & spa

High tea which is different from afternoon tea, is an English dining custom, where tea is served at the table with high back dining chairs in the late afternoon. I was recently a guest at the Coworth Park, Dorchester Collection's luxury country house hotel & spa near London, and enjoyed high-tea in their elegant drawing and dining room with stunning countryside views. Coworth Park is nestled amid 240 acres of picturesque Berkshire parkland at Ascot. Dressed in a Karen Millen embroidered, black dress and black Karen Millen sandals, I had a taste of a quintessentially British afternoon drinking fine tea in plush surroundings, whilst admiring the beauty of the breathtaking English countryside. The hotel offers an extensive menu of teas including some which are rare and glamorous. If you get lucky, you might even run into a George Clooney or a Russell Crowe, as Hollywood celebrities have often been spotted enjoying afternoon tea here. The service of the staff is exceptional as they serve you with their utmost attention and sincerity. Dress code is smart casual - my advise is not to overdress and keep it simple and elegant.

My Karen Millen floral summer dress pictured at Coworth Park hotel in the magic of fall

The Coworth Park Hotel, Ascot, where these pictures were taken, as I mentioned in my last post is a luxury spa located near London. As my friend and I were walking around the extensive hotel grounds, we were immediately attracted to these flower fields richly decorated with flowers in lavender and white. Our hearts danced with joy as we made our way through the colorful fields leaving the world far, far behind us! Honestly, this hotel is such a great place for a retreat with so much beauty all around, that I can totally picture John Lennon writing the lyrics of his famous song Imagine here.

In a Karen Millen trench coat & floral dress at Coworth Park Hotel, U.K.: A fall to remember

Do you remember the lyrics of the famous song 'Imagine' composed by John Lennon? Perhaps, what we do not know is that the lyrics of this song were written by John Lennon at Coworth House, currently known as the Coworth Park Hotel, Ascot, a 45 minute drive from London. I was there recently and it ended up being one of my best hotel stays ever! I felt quite at home in this luxury resort with an eco-spa, heated pool, polo grounds, horse stables, flower fields and lakes. After a delicious à la carte breakfast, I wandered about the grounds in my Karen Millen trench coat, Karen Millen floral dress, Karen Millen boots and crossbody bag from Kate Spade. Here are some pictures from my first day there. The trench coat has been one of my best purchases this year - the neutral color matches beautifully with almost all of my dresses and the fit is flawless. The dress which belongs to the KM summer collection, has also been a great addition to my wardrobe - I can take it from summer to fall and wear it again in the spring. :)

My Ralph Lauren navy dress makes a great fall outfit in Paris!

After spending some time at the Louvre museum, we crossed the road to enter the Jardin de Tuileries. It was not so crowded with only a few people sitting here and there. My outfit for the day - a woolen knit jersey Ralph Lauren dress with knee high boots from Marks & Spencer, was very comfortable and got me many compliments! Also, I was (and 'am') totally in love with the Kate Spade sling bag that I was carrying with it! Get my whole post on Jardin de Tuilieries here - I had to come back because it was so beautiful!

A Ralph Lauren woolen jersey knit dress at the Louvre: Paris diaries

It was 4a.m. when I woke up at my hotel in central London. My friend and I were booked on the Eurostar to Paris at 8:40a.m. and were meeting at the Saint Pancreas International train station in London at 8a.m. for breakfast. I quickly got out of bed, showered and got ready, very excited for my trip to Paris that day. However, it turned out that there was a long queue at the train station at immigration, and we had barely enough time to pack a couple of oven-hot tomato-cheese croissants which we enjoyed with coffee, once we boarded the train. My outfit for the day was a Ralph Lauren woolen jersey knit dress with a Karen Millen long coat accessorized with a cashmere stole, Marks & Spencer knee-high boots, and a Kate Spade sling bag.

A favorite fall look & sunset at Notre Dame: Paris diaries

After visiting the Eiffel Tower, our last stop for the day was the Notre-Dame. Also known as the Notre-Dame Cathedral, it is a medieval Catholic cathedral in French Gothic architecture and is among the largest and most well known churches in the world. Once again it is a symbol of man's genius and creativity finding full expression in the beauty of the architecture. From Jardin des Tuileries and the Eiffel Tower, my Karen Millen fall coat and boots were perfect for my day out in Paris. I wore the coat over a Talbots kick-pleat straight skirt, a Ralph Lauren polo sweater and a matching Hallhuber scarf. The black Burberry bag and Gucci sunglasses added to the whole fall look, making it one of my favorite's this season!

Romancing my Karen Millen fall coat at the Eiffel Tower in Paris: Paris diaries

After Jardin des Tuileries, our next stop was the Eiffel Tower. It was late in the afternoon and also getting a bit chilly. My Karen Millen fall coat was perfect for this kind of weather and kept me warm enough so that I could enjoy my hop-on-hop-off day tour in Paris. I styled the coat with boots also from Karen Millen, a Hallhuber scarf and a black Burberry bag. Arriving at the Eiffel Tower, we were hit by the largeness of this iconic monument. To me, it was a symbol of man's creative initiative and indomitable will that was reflected in the tower's imposing structure. After spending some time, looking at this majestic tower, we took a cab and headed to our next destination - the Notre Dame.

A Karen Millen Fall Coat in Jardin des Tuileries: bonjour Paris!

When it comes to coats and jackets, I love Karen Millen, like this wine Karen Millen coat I bought for my trip to Paris last month. Autumn was setting in and the trees were turning from green to dazzling hues of gold, ochre and red. My friend and I took a walk through the Jardin des Tuileries (the public garden located between the Louvre Museum and the Place de la Concorde) before stopping for lunch at the Café des Marronniers. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining brightly and golden, crisp leaves falling softly from the trees, making a rustling sound beneath our feet, as we continued with our walk through the garden....I styled my Karen Millen coat with neutral color boots, also from Karen Millen, Gucci sunglasses and a black Burberry bag. I wore it over a Talbots skirt and a polo-neck sweater from Ralph Lauren (post coming soon!).

A pink Stormwear jacket for my day trip to the Urquhart Castle in Lochness, Scotland

Packing for a European holiday can be indeed quite a challenging task - one is always uncertain how the weather will behave! Even though I am a seasoned traveler and have experienced frost and fog on hot summer days in Europe, I failed to pack a jacket with me when I was traveling to Scotland this summer. I was in Inverness, Scotland and had planned a day-trip to the Urquhart Castle, a ruinated 13th century castle that sits beside the Loch Ness, the largest (by volume) lake in the British Isles. As it turned out, it was a cold day and I had to make a last minute dash to the nearby Marks & Spencer where I bought this water-repellent pink Stormwear jacket on sale for GBP 30. I matched it with a dress which was also on sale for GBP 11 and layered it with a Ralph Lauren polo sweater. Ugg boots kept my feet warm and comfortable.

Exploring Inverness in Scotland in a Ralph Lauren skirt

As far back as I can remember, I have been in love with pretty plaid skirts. As a child, I loved to wear my best friend's Scottish style red plaid skirt and get myself clicked in it - I guess I was already training to become a blogger way back then! So when this Ralph Lauren uneven hem Scottish style plaid skirt showed up on sale on, I had to have it! It is from the Ralph Lauren Blue Label Collection which they don't do anymore. I wore it on my recent trip to Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, and styled it with a Clarks bag, tan boots and leather accessories.

Visiting Saint Paul's Cathedral in London, in a Marks & Spencer sweater-dress : my first fall look

I visited Saint Paul's Cathedral in London for the first time a little more than two weeks ago - it was a Sunday afternoon and after attending a Sunday service at the Self Realization Church at Baker Street in London, followed by a quick lunch at the nearby Italian restaurant Zizi, I headed to get the tube for Saint Paul's Cathedral. My Marks and Spencer sweater dress was perfect for the day - from church services to lunch-dates and sightseeing, it seamlessly and creaselessly wove into my various different activities and moods of the day! Even though photography is prohibited inside the Cathedral, my friend Alizeh Latif who is a brilliant photographer and was with me that afternoon, took some great pictures of me around the church.

The Nashi Filler Therapy Treatment & the difference it made to my hair

About a month ago, when I arrived in London, my hair-stylist friend Kara Thomas, Senior Director at Hiromiyoshi Salon in Mayfair, had arranged a pleasant surprise for me - the Nashi Filler Therapy Treatment for reconstructing and restoring dying and damaged hair. What I really liked about the product was that besides its reconstructing properties, it was completely natural and free of chemicals and left my hair softer and tangle-free. Following the salon treatment, I have been using the Nashi Filler Therapy Shampoo and Conditioner at home with great results - my hair feels much softer and suddenly more manageable!

My Talbots shift dress and how I met a ghost

I am not particularly fond of taking pictures in a graveyard, but the other day when I was visiting the world-renowned photographer Dorothy Bohm, at her residence in Hampstead in London, I was well before time and the only place that I found near her home, where I could sit and wait for the appointment, was, believe it or not - a dilapidated, old church with a huge graveyard surrounding it! However, I soon discovered that I was not the only person there; I saw another man in a coat, tie and hat, smoking a big cigar, sitting on a bench in an isolated corner of the graveyard. He looked more dead to me than alive as he sat very still, while the vapors of his own cigar enveloped his big black hat.

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Halloween Makeup tutorial by London based make-up artist, Ruchi K. Goenka

Ruchi K. Goenka is a professional London-based makeup artist who has assisted at London Fashion Week, the Miss UK beauty pageant and television commercials. I caught up with her recently at her residence in London for a Halloween Makeup tutorial. The following is a step-by-step Halloween Makeup tutorial guide by Ruchi followed by a video of the look. For further enquiry, you can contact Ruchi at +44 7860 137061 or e-mail her at

London Street Fashion: From Notting Hill to High Street Kensington

After a few hours of discovering Notting Hill, I headed to High Street Kensington. I remember as I was snapping pictures, an officer of the rail service department came and told me in very polite British English, that I needed permission to take pictures at London's underground stations! I was very impressed at his polite manners and immediately packing my camera, got in the overcrowded London tube! I had forgotten that it was rush hour! For those of you who haven't checked out the Notting Hill post, I am wearing a Marks & Spencer navy trench coat, a Marks & Spencer pale pink knit top, a Talbots charcoal grey pencil skirt that I have styled with a Karen Millen bag and shoes from River Island.

Discovering London's Notting Hill in a Marks & Spencer trench coat

I love my new navy Marks & Spencer trench that I bought this summer from the M&S store at Oxford Street in London. The quality and fit is impeccable. I wore it on a warm day while discovering the Notting Hill area of London. I styled it with a pale pink knit top also from M&S, a Talbots dark charcoal pencil skirt, a Karen Millen neutral color bag and shoes from River Island.

Church day dressing in a Zara floral top and Talbots blue silk taffeta skirt

I am a dedicated fan of Saint Therese of Lisieux or the Little Flower as she is known the world over, especially after I read her Autobiography that completely won my heart! Imagine, what joy was mine, when I discovered a quiet and pretty little church dedicated to Saint Therese in the neighborhood of my cousin's home in London, where I am often a guest. In the following pictures, I am visiting this very special church in a very special dress - a Talbots silk taffeta pleated skirt with a Zara floral top and a Talbots silk camisole. I have styled this dress with a pair of Prada ballet flats, a Michael Kors crossbody bag, a Marks & Spencer hat and Gucci sunglasses.