In a Karen Millen dress, Coworth Park Hotel & Spa, Ascot, U.K. Image© Photo: Nina Shaw

In a Karen Millen dress, Coworth Park Hotel & Spa, Ascot, U.K. Image© Photo: Nina Shaw


About me

I have tried many different things in life - studied fashion in India and Italy, run my own production house and fashion label, learnt languages, worked as a German translator, worked as an interior's consultant, tried my hand at film-making, lived in Italy, Germany and the United States before starting my own blog a little more than an year ago.

Why I started my blog

I have been a die-hard shopaholic and initially I was only posting links to online sales to help my friends get good deals when they shopped online. Slowly, I started reviewing pieces from my wardrobe and then modeling my own clothes. In the beginning, I was very shy to put my own pictures on the blog, but slowly I got used to the idea and started taking my own photos with a tripod in the front lawn of my house. I would wake up at 5 a.m., shower, dress and put make-up, then go into the lawn and start clicking for a couple of hours.


After a few months I went to London where I learnt how to do my own makeup for my blogposts at the London School of Beauty & Makeup. I would roam the streets of London with my tripod and hunt for locations where I could take my own pictures! I even stopped at a graveyard once! Towards the end of my trip, I connected with some friends who introduced me to some London based photographers who could take my pictures! I got some very good results and in the process overcame my shyness to pose in front of the camera.


I am a wanderer at heart and love to explore new places and cultures and meet new people. In the coming months, I will be expanding the Travel Section on my blog so watch out for some exciting times ahead!

Right Attitude

The best decision I ever made in my life was to start my blog. I love what I do and do what I love! I think when the motive is right, everything else falls into place. Seems like life has come back a full circle to me and everything I have ever done in life till now has connected and become whole. One just needs to have patience, perseverance, a joyful heart and the right attitude.

If you have anything to ask or share, get in touch with me at or subscribe to my weekly newsletter. I look forward to hearing from you. :)